Latest Scams

We just wanted to share with you the 5 most notorious scams of this week, so you can protect yourself from financial fraud. Let me know what you think.


1. Can You Hear Me Scam 

2. Netflix Membership: Log In, Cancel, or Sign Up Scam

3. Gmail Attachment Scam

4. Airbnb Coupon First Booking Scam

5. SuperBowl 2017 Scams



Unscrupulous telemarketers have a big bag of tricks that affect your credit card even without you knowing it. In the latest scam, they ask you over the phone “Can you hear me?”. Why? Read the article HERE and educate yourself. 


In the same time, if you are using Gmail you should educate yourself about the latest scary hack, Gmail Attachment Scam. Even the most experienced Internet people fall for it nowadays.

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Have a safe week!

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