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It’s Christmas time and we hope you’ll have a great end of the week with your family. Meanwhile, it’s always nice to have extra money for additional gifts this time of the year. However, be very careful of the Government Grant Scam, making you believe there are some money coming your way this week! Read the article HERE to see this scam exposed.

That’s just one of the scams that are very prevalent this Christmas week. Additionally, here is an educational article with 10 Holidays Scams to avoid this season. Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas!

Here are the Top 5 scams this week – read on:


Top 5 Scams – Week December 22–28, 2016

  1. Government Grant Scam
  2. Holidays 2017 Scams
  3. Emailed Invoice Scam
  4. Car Purchase Scam
  5. PayPal Alert Scam

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