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We are nine days away from Christmas and scammers continue to thrive preying on people’s good hearts and naivety. The latest criminal activity to be aware of is the One-Ring Call Scam. Your phone rings, but you only hear one beep. By the time you pick up the phone, it stops. Would you call back the number on your screen? Read the article HERE to see this scam exposed!

On a different note, if you are a Facebook user be very careful about the Secret Sister Gift Exchange posts showing on your friends’ walls. As Christmas is a time for giving, it’s certainly not a time for giving away your personal information. Read the article HERE to educate yourself about this holidays-themed scam.

The third most notorious scheme this week is the Snow Removal Services Scam. It starts every December and goes through the whole winter, so it may be a good idea to pay attention now before it’s too late. Read the article HERE to make sure you are not going to be left without money and snow on your driveway. Here are the Top 5 scams this week – read on!


Top 5 Scams – Week December 15-21, 2016

  1. One-Ring Call Scam
  2. Secret Sister Gift Exchange Scam
  3. Snow Removal Scam
  4. Car Donation To Charity Scam
  5. Parking Lot Mechanic Scam


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